The league will consist of 6 sessions and a final, meeting about every month at our host’s homes. The league will meet at 7pm on Friday’s, and be set on days that don’t conflict with local/major tournaments.  The league will be capped at 24 players and finals divided into A, B, and C divisions with 8 players each (i.e. player 1-8 in A division, 9-16 in B division, 17-24 in C division).  Scores from the top 4 rounds will be used to calculate this (i.e. lowest two scores are dropped.  In the event the league has less than 24 players the split will be as follows:

50/50 split between A and B division until 16 players

33/33/33 split until 24 players

We break up the players into groups of 3 or 4 seeded by total cumulative points (the first session we seed by past results [IFPA rank for Session 1], and new players start at the bottom). You then move up or down groups, based on your point total. Each session we play five 4 person games on different machines, with points given as follows:


Player4 player group
3 player group

Ranks from week to week will be based on cumulative points, any players with the same total points in a tie for a ladder position, the player with the higher ladder position going into the week will remain in the higher position.

At the end of the 6 sessions your rank will determine your seeding for "finals."  Standings for finals is based on the number of points you have accumulated and WPPRs will be distributed based on this finish.  At the end of the regular season we split the group into “A” (top 8 players or appropriate split), “B” (next 8 players or appropriate split) and “C” (next 8 players or appropriate split) divisions.  Each division will have a best of 3, double elimination tournament to determine final standings prizes.


League fees are $50 per person. $25 goes to the prize fund and $25 goes towards the hosting money.  The prize fund is used for end of year cash prizes for the top finishers. The hosting money is pooled and divided equally between those that host to help defer refreshment costs. All monies are paid back 100% at the end of every league.  Hosts receive a $25 discount for hosting.

Order of play:

Game One – it will be on the sheet, played in rank order (rank changes from session to session, session 1 rank = IFPA rank).

Player 1 – highest rank
Player 2 – 2nd highest rank
Player 3 – 3rd highest rank
Player 4 – 4th highest rank

Game Two – player 2, picks game, order as follows:
Player 2, Player3, Player4, Player1

Game Three- player 3, picks game, order as follows:
Player3, Player4, Player1, Player2

Game Four- player 4, picks game, order as follows:
Player4, Player1, Player2, Player3

Game Five - player 1, picks game, order as follows:

Player1, Player2, Player3, Player4

The player that picks the game is “player order 1”. You will always play after the same person, unless you are the First player.

Player 1 will always play after Player 4.
Player 2 will always play after Player 1.
Player 3 will always play after Player 2.
Player 4 will always play after Player 3.

If you are in a three player group, the 4th playerl game will be played as if the missing player picked it. Examples:

Player 1 is absent so instead of the order being:
Player1, Player2, Player3, Player4.
It is played as
Player2, Player3, Player4.

Player 2 is absent so instead of the order being:
Player2, Player3, Player4, Player1.
It is played as
Player3, Player4, Player1.

Player 3 is absent so instead of the order being:
Player3, Player4, Player1, Player2.
It is played as
Player4, Player1, Player2.

Player 4 is absent so instead of the order being:
Player4, Player1, Player2, Player3.
It is played as
Player1, Player2, Player3.

Everyone picks one game, and everyone plays in every position… Other than Player 1, s/he gets two first position games.

Play the games in the order selected, if there is a group on that game, look to play the next available game. If a group is almost done, Player 3 or 4 on the final ball, go ahead and wait.  Feel free to argue amongst yourselves and be considered silly.


Pre-playing is NOT allowed. If an individual is absent he/she stays at their current seed for the next session. Absences will be handled as follows: Everyone's lowest two scores will be dropped, this means if you are absent twice your lowest two scores will be a 0, and they will be dropped. 

The affected group will play as a group of three.  If there is more than one person missing from a group .. there will be a regrouping process.


The following session groups assume a full 24 person roster, and depending upon registered players is subject to change.  If there are 24 player, the following ranked players will play together each session:

Session 1
1, 12, 13, 24
2, 11, 14, 23
3, 10, 15, 22
4, 9, 16, 21
5, 8, 17, 20
6, 7, 18, 19

Sessions 2, 3
1, 6, 7, 12
2, 5, 8, 11
3, 4, 9, 10
13, 18, 19, 24
14, 17, 20, 23
15, 16, 21, 22

Session 4, 5
1, 4, 5, 8
2, 3, 6, 7
9, 12, 13, 16
10, 11, 14 15
17, 20, 21, 24
18, 19, 22, 23

Session 6
1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 7, 8
9, 10, 11, 12
13, 14, 15, 16
17, 18, 19, 20
21, 22, 23, 24

(In the case of a tie for total points, seeding will be determined by the comparison of the players points earned in the most recently completed session, if this is again a tie the comparison will continue to the previous session and so forth, the final determination would be a comparison of initial seeding for the season.)

If there is a tie for total points on the line of A/B or B/C finals, the players will first be asked which division they would like to play in, if there is too many players for a desired division there will be a one game playoff on the day of finals, determined by the league director.

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