Friday Night Translights is a house league in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area that meets about once per month (on Friday Nights) at a different members house.  

.0017% of locals believe that pinball is America's greatest past-time.  This is your opportunity to get all 24 of those people in the same place, at the same time, mixed with a little beer and some friendly competition.  What could go wrong?

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We are starting the Fall/Winter 2017  season very soon!

Pinball House League - D.C., MD, VA

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We are starting the Fall/Winter 2017  season very soon!

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League fees are $50 per person, $25 goes to the prize fund and $25 goes towards the hosting money.  The prize fund is used for end of year trophies and cash prizes for the top finishers. The hosting money is pooled and divided equally between those that host to help defer refreshment costs. All monies are paid back 100% at the end of every league.  Hosts receive a $25 discount for hosting.

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Friday Night Translights